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Tato is an American Neo- Expressionism/Abstract Artist that resides in the heart of New York City .
Tatos work has been compared to the late French artist Jean Michel (Basquiat) but in her twist of layered creations. Tato reveals her intense emotions to transfer her NEO and mix media.
Tatos work comes to life from the canvas onto her fashion clothing that is being released in Berlin Germany in December with JJramz. JJramz specializes in high end men and women suit jackets for the office or the rockstar. The line will follow the with scarfs, jewelry and handbags. If you are looking for a Funky Pop Rock or a simple blend of colors, this is it. Original artwork will be released at her Berlin fashion show to match the fabrics displayed.
“It’s great , I particularly like the Just Married one!“- Will Knaak Guitarist of Blue October Band.
“I don’t know much about modern art but it takes me somewhere I have never been. The only heaven I’ll be sent to.”-Rudy Bundini- New York Fashion Model
“I think you’re artwork is uniquely refreshing. An expression of vibrance, passion and unapologetic truth that come together uniquely on the canvas. Outstanding!”-Rey Ray Cordero Musical Artist
“Tato’s art is a direct refection of her personality. She cares deeply for people and is interested in the story and details of their lives. Tato is alive and present in her own life as well as others… She captures that in her pieces. This is what is expressed in her art.”-Jacqui Squatriglia Owner of Flaming Saddles Saloon
“ Tato’s art offers vibrance, creativity, and expressions of pure and raw emotion. Her works are unparalleled in the world of art, (inspired) Matthew R. Alvarez President & CEO Element Square Inc.
The artist passion to continue creating her emotions onto canvas and to reach a growing number of fans that enjoys the journey of her story. Tato wants to continue to sell out at a successful rate between the states and Europe.
more info | Instagram: Tlovere | Email: tatolovere@yahoo.com